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Fly Socials UK

Meet the Founder

Chelcie is the Founder and Marketing Director of FlySocialsUk.

Flysocialsuk began as a freelance portfolio on Instagram,  but quickly evolved into much more. With experience as a social media manager for a TV platform, I wanted more flexibility and started freelancing. Over the next seven months, I worked with over 70 SMEs, managing their Social Media &  PR presence for businesses in health/wellness, hair/beauty, arts, and of course the food industry. Despite being burnt out from juggling too much, I loved working with food and drink businesses the most, having worked in the food industry before.

Flysocialsuk became a full-service agency in July 2022, with a goal of helping independent hospitality businesses improve their online presence, growth, and engagement through sharing tips and tricks. Our mission is to change the way these businesses market themselves and connect with their audience.

As you can probably tell I am passionate. I want to help as many independent hospitality businesses tell their stories and capture moments in a way that feels authentic and resonates with their audience. Flysocialsuk’s mission is to change the way independent hospitality businesses get online, grow and engage with their customers.

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